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Faculty and Staff Contact Information

Nancy M. Zygarlicke  ext. 2 Principal [email protected]

Kathleen Guyer  ext. 413 4K/Kindergarten [email protected]

Mary Kahn  ext. 409 Grade 1 [email protected]

Jennifer Ploeckelman  ext. 406 Grade 2 [email protected]  

Click here for classroom information for Ms. Ploeckelman

Deanna Roth  ext. 405 Grade 3 [email protected]

Click here for classroom information for Mrs. Roth

Tabitha Graun  ext. 407 Grade 4 [email protected]

Amy Firnstahl  ext. 403 Grade 5 [email protected] 

Click here for classroom information for Ms. Firnstahl

Joseph Nowak ext. 408 Grade 6 [email protected]

Johanna Stieber ext. 404 Grade 7 [email protected]

Scott Hudak  ext. 412 Grade 8  [email protected]

Benjamin Knoedler ext. 402 Music [email protected]

Barbara Mundt  ext. 1 Receptionist/Hot Lunch

St. Mary School Office Email: [email protected]

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Health and Wellness Policy

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    209 South Second Street
    P.O. Box 408
    Colby, WI 54421

    Phone: 715-223-3033